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Supported APIs

Platform Management

APIDescriptionTypeRequired Arguments
acceptUserInvite Accept a user invite.Mutationcode (user invite ID)
cancelUserInviteCancel a user invite.Mutationcode (user invite ID)
createTenant Creates a new tenant in Poly Lens.Mutationname
deleteTenantDeletes a tenant in Poly Lens.MutationtenantId
inviteUser Invite one or more users to join a tenant.Mutationrole, tenantId, emails
rejectUserInvite Reject a user invite.Mutationcode (user invite ID)
resendUserInvite Resend a user invite.Mutationcode (user invite ID)
tenant Returns tenant details for a given ID.QuerytenantId
tenantCountReturns the total number of tenants for given user from Poly Lens.Queryn/a
tenants Returns a list of tenant details.Queryn/a
updateTenantUpdates a tenant in Poly Lens.MutationtenantId
userReturns a user for the specified user id.QueryuserID
userInvitesByTenant Returns all user invites associated with the specified tenantId.QuerytenantId
users Returns a list of users according to the input parameters.QueryUserSearchGrant>resourceID (tenantId)

Inventory Reporting

APIDescriptionTypeRequired Arguments
catalogModelsReturns the hardware product information for the products in the product catalog.Queryn/a
countDevices Returns the total number of devices the requesting user has permission to view, across all tenants that the user can access.Queryn/a
createSubnetRule Creates a new subnet rule.MutationsiteId, publicCidr
deleteRooms Deletes an existing room or sets of rooms.MutationtenantId, ids
deleteSites Deletes an existing site or set of sites.MutationtenantId, ids
deleteSubnetRuleDeletes an existing subnet rule.MutationruleId
deviceAggregationsGrouping the devices based on their geographical location.Queryn/a
deviceSearch Searches for devices using query parameters. Supports pagination and finding results of more than 10K entries.
Note: The pageSize should be limited to 5000 entries or less (default 10). Also, pageSize parameter of subsequent page calls must be idential to the first, or an error will be returned.
getSubnetRules Get subnet rules for a given site.QuerysiteId
getSubnetRuleValidity Check if site subnet rules are valid.QuerytenantId, siteId, publicCidr
hardwareModel Hardware Model level details for an item in the product catalog.QueryhardwareModelId
room Gets detailed data for a specified room.QueryroomId
roomData Retrieves room data for a specified tenant.QuerytenantId
site Gets the geographical location of the device.QuerysiteId
siteData Retrieves site data for a specified tenant.QuerytenantId
switchSite Switches a room to another site.MutationtenantId, siteId, roomId
updateSubnetRuleUpdates an existing subnet rule.MutationpublicCidr, ruleId
upsertRoomCreates a new room or updates an existing room if applicable.MutationtenantId, siteId
upsertSite Creates a new site or updates an existing site if applicable.MutationtenantId, name

Device Controls

APIDescriptionTypeRequired Arguments
activeCallsReturns an object containing all active calls on a specified device.QuerydeviceId
device Returns device details for a given ID.QuerydeviceId
factoryReset This will perform a factory reset on a device where all settings and current connections to Poly Lens for it will be reset.MutationdeviceId
leaveCall Ends a call on a specified device.MutationcallId, deviceId
registerDevice Register a device in Poly Lens.MutationregistrationCode, tenantId
rebootDevice This will reboot the device, all active calls will be terminated and the device will be offline for several minutes.
Note: Poly TC8/TC10 are currently not supported with the includeIinkedDevices argument.
rebootDevicesBySiteId This reboots the devices associated with the siteId and all the devices rebooted will be offline for several minutes.MutationsiteId
startCall Begins a call on a specified device.MutationdialString, deviceId
unregisterDevice Unregister a device in Poly Lens.MutationdeviceId
updateDevice Updates the device's name, site, and room. Prioritizes site/room name over site/room UUID. If the site/room name does not exist then will create a new site/room, otherwise matches to an existing site/room.MutationdeviceId

Device and Room Insights

APIDescriptionTypeRequired ArgumentsRequires Poly+ Enterprise
chartsExtract Device usage insights from Poly Lens. topic include: Call Usage, Devices used, Devices unused, Devices out of service, Offline devices.QuerytenantId, chartsId, locationScope, timeScope, timeStart, topic
chartsExtract Room usage insights from Poly Lens. topic include: Average meeting size, room usage, Rooms scheduled but not used, Recurring meetings with no participants, Unscheduled room usage, Meetings that run long, Meetings that start late.QuerytenantId, chartsId, locationScope, timeScope, timeStart, topicX