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Use Cases

Platform Management

The Platform Management API is useful for tenant administration and management for Poly Lens Accounts. For more information visit:


Show Tenants - Provides a view of the available tenants and pulls relevant data like device count, rooms, and sites. Can also return the number of associated admin users.

Inventory Management

Use to create detailed inventory reports of devices, rooms, and sites. For more information visit:


Inventory - Provide a View of the devices associated to a specific tenant. If a Tenant Id is provided as an URL parameter, it will be shown if you have access to the requested account.

All Inventory - Provide a View of all devices associated to all accounts you have access to.

Device Details - Clicking into any device from inventory dives provides the information applicable to a device and made available through POly Lens.

Device Controls

Use to preform device actions and commands that can be used to control a device. For more information visit:


Inventory - In the Inventory View, you'll find that for devices detected as online, that also support the reboot capability can be rebooted directly from the Inventory Panel.

Device and Room Insights


Call Use (minutes/day) – Total time devices were in a call.

Devices In Use – Percent of devices with one or more calls in the last week.

Devices Out-of-Service - Percent of devices that have been offline for more than one week.

The following insights are a Poly Lens Premium Poly Premiere icon feature enabled by Poly+ Enterprise. To learn more about this service, see Poly+ Enterprise.

Average Meeting Headcount - Average number of people in a room during a meeting.

Room Use (Minutes/day) - Total time of room use, with at least one person in the room.