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Poly is driven by a single obsession to remove the barriers to simple, clear communication in order to make collaboration easier for everyone. Over the last two years, Poly has been laser focused on consolidating the management and insights platform into Poly Lens, which encompasses most of the Poly portfolio of video and voice technology, from personal devices to large room systems.

Now, we have officially opened the Lens Management and Insights API to our developer community. Whether you are an independent developer, enterprise developer, solution provider or system integrator, you now have the opportunity to take advantage of intelligent data and management capabilities offered on the Poly Lens platform to optimize communications in enterprise environments.

What is Poly Lens

Poly Lens gives you a window into collaboration environments across your entire organization, with a spotlight on how spaces and devices are being used. Get a clear picture of what’s working, and where you can improve and take control with fast device onboarding. Cloud access delivers flexibility, agility, and security, adding value without heavy IT lifting. No need to buy servers means more bang for your budget. Everything you need to make the most of your workspace is right at your fingertips. Now you can make collaboration better for every user in every workspace. Best of all, Poly Lens allows a customer to use the basic service for free and users can self-enroll and begin using the service immediately.

About This Guide

This guide helps software developers create rich applications that leverage Poly Lens Platform.

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About GraphQL API

The Lens GraphQL APIs expose a rich query language for utilizing the features of the Poly Lens Platform.

Supported Devices

Poly Lens API supports the configuration of all devices supported by Poly Lens. See Poly Lens Supported Devices.