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Introducing Poly Lens GraphQL Subscriptions - Near Real-Time Monitoring via Poly Lens APIs

Poly Lens GraphQL Subscriptions

At Poly, we’re committed to providing you with all the tools and flexibility you need to create the best collaboration experience for your users and your unique use cases. Our portfolio of nearly 100 officially supported Poly Lens APIs already caters to several use cases such as Inventory Reporting & Management, Device & Room Insights, and Device Controls.

And today, we’re excited to add another dimension to our API portfolio. Announcing, the Poly Lens GraphQL Subscriptions! GraphQL Subscriptions enable you to create web-socket based listeners on fields of your interest so that you get an alert as soon as the value of the field changes. This opens a plethora of new use cases that you can now address using Poly Lens APIs. The first API utilizing the new GraphQL subscription stream focuses on People Counting.

peopleCountStream Subscription API

The peopleCountStream subscription is a simple, yet powerful and versatile API that enables you to monitor room occupancy in near real-time. It creates a web-socket based listener on people count data sent by Poly devices. As soon as people count changes, the API notifies the API user of the change and provides an updated people count for a particular meeting room.

This simple, yet powerful API is designed to show live room occupancy. When combined with custom applications, a variety of different use cases could be enabled, including:

  • Releasing meeting rooms from ghost meetings without waiting for meeting end time
  • Adjusting HVAC and lighting as soon as a room is occupied or vacated
  • Visualizing live room occupancy to create a near real-time view of your meeting rooms

How to Access the peopleCountStream API

You can access the peopleCountStream API at the Poly Lens GraphQL Playground. To use this API in your application, you can create credentials in Poly Lens. See How to Get Started.

peopleCountStream API in action on the Poly Lens GraphQL Playground peopleCountStream API

Note: The peopleCountStream API is available to Poly+ Enterprise customers and currently supports Poly Studio X30, Studio X50, and Studio X52.